How to Clean & Store Fresh Berries

Written on August 3, 2009 – 1:16 pm | by admin

Summer brings an abundance of fresh produce.  Among the most enjoyable—and most delicate—of the fruits of the season are berries.  Berries are popular for their sweet tastes, and excellent nutritional value.  However, berries are among the more expensive summer treats, and they spoil quickly without proper methods of storage.

To get the most from the raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries available this season, store them uncovered in the refrigerator, and don’t wash them until just before eating.  Damp berries spoil more quickly. Placing them in a loosely closed brown paper bag will help protect them from humidity, as well.  Don’t store berries in the crisper, where they are exposed to even higher humidity.

Also, examine berries thoroughly before buying, and avoid packages that are leaking juice or have visibly over or under ripe berries.

When you are ready to eat the berries, place them in a colander and rinse carefully with water.

Fresh berries can also be frozen for later use. It’s best to freeze immediately after purchasing, to preserve quality and flavor.  Gently wash and dry the berries, then place in a single layer on a baking sheet.  Freeze until solid, and transfer to plastic freezer bags to store.

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